Divorce Therapy

The stress of divorce or pending divorce can spin anyone out of balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually, leaving them vulnerable as they stumble to make sense of things. In the midst of this chaos you try hard to make good decisions, but often wonder if you’re making the right choices. Professionals such as licensed and experienced counselors, psychotherapists, and psychologists can work to
guide you through the three phases of divorce: prior to, during, and after.

Prior to Divorcing

A trained professional can work with consenting couples who wish to have a trial separation before divorcing. In this situation you and your spouse agree that the marriage has numerous issues, but one or both of you may still hope to save the marriage. In this case, a trained therapist will work with the two of you on a formal and detailed separation agreement, in addition to providing individual and couple counseling. Often marriages can be saved, if you both work hard to rectify the problems.

A therapist can also help individuals grappling with whether or not to get a divorce, and aid them in clarifying the issues and emotional entanglements which may be hindering their final decision. Often people getting a divorce need their self-esteem and self-worth built up, and a therapist can be the emotional support they need in this time. Emotionally overwhelmed, they may not be able to see the forest for the trees, and an experienced therapist’s view can guide the client away from pitfalls while pointing out resources and options.



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